Shaadi- Vaadi …..Indian OR Western ..??

Shaadi- Vaadi …..Indian OR Western ..??


NAMASTE, my Beautiful readers….. I hope you enjoying this festive season. I was just sipping my coffee this morning and was thinking of all the weddings i have attended last year… Husshhh… they were a little too much… I think i have become a wedding attendant expert.. hahaha…  

The moment i open my Instagram or Facebook, al i can discover is.. either someone is getting hooked… or someones flying around the world for fantasies ( which we generally call as “Honeymoon”.. lolss.. )  but in al this.. i got a thought… that weddings are soo Exciting..Isnt it..?? I mean..  like.. entire Jhoond ( family ) is Crazy behind selecting our very own Bride’s outfit… obvio ..keeping a hefty budget in pocket . And all she needs to do is.. GTS ( Go.. Try .. & Select ..)  now dat sounds Cool .. and so so Lucky naa… !! But i always wonder… Hamara Kya… ???  I mean wat about Dulhan ki friends… ??? Whoz gona think about them … ?? Wat shud they wear.. ?? Whos gona help them select and design their Outfit… ??  bcz Dulhan se jyaada Dulhan ki Sahelion pe nazar jaati hai… Right.. ??

Problem doesnt arise .. while selecting outfits for Wedding…. Real problem comes when scratching ur brains.. to think.. wat to wear for Pre- Wedding Functions.. like Mehendi, Sangeet.. and most imp our very own Bachelorette Party..  We just go freaking crazy.. as to wat outfit to wear next..  I am sure.. al of u have often got in a fix for same… 

I completely empathise wid u on this Situation girls.. as u might have spent ur many hours of life thinking on this.. … and finally this made me come up with an interesting Blog: Shaadi-Vaadi Indian OR Western .. ?? 

I know .. we girls Love Western Outfits… as its Super Sexy and Super Comfy… but wen it comes to family function, u just cant think of wearing it … and the reason is… as all our Lovely Aunties will give u Soo damn tough stares.. that it wil Kill u Internally … as if u are wearing a Bikini … ha ha ha.. Jokes apart… !!  The fact is.. i just love Indian dress .. like Punjabi Suit.. Chudidar & Kurta ..   but now-a-days .. wearing simple kurta or typical punjabi dress is too mainstream… As we girls always love to experiment and look creatively different… dats y my Dimaag ki batti jali.. and i have come up with three different looks, which i have named as Indo-Western looks , which u can try in all the Pre-Wedding functions like Mehendi, Sangeet or Bachelorette party and flaunt ur best side… 

Look 1 –  Red Floral Maxi Dress with Dhoti Pants.





I am soo much in Love with this beautiful Red Floral Dress , as it is super stylish, a Head turner and drop-dead gorgeous. I choose to team up with Hot pink Dhoti pants , which is designed by me. I just love this kinda Dhoti pants, as it is super comfy and u can easily shake a leg or two.  


I chose to flaunt it with a pair of nude Golden heels . If u are altitudinous.. U can also style it with a simple Golden Kolhapuri Chappal . I kept my hair open, as i love advertising my long curly hair. But u can also prefer to tie it and get messy hair bun done. 


I styled it with a cute dome shaped oxidised earrings with a red detailng on it.   U can also pair it with long red feather earring or anything that u wish to go with. If u have a flat tummy like Katrina Kaif, u can wear this Dhoti pants below ur Navel .. to make it more sexier.  I chose to wear it above my Navel, because it hugs my Love Handles firmly ( haha ) . 

Detailing Look 1 : 

Red Floral maxi Dress – Missamore

Dhoti Pants – Designed by me.

Nude golden Heels – Some random shop in Pune.

Earrings – Colaba, Mumbai.

Lip  Shade – Maybelline .



Look 2 :  Floral Showdown Jacket 


When it comes to Bachelorette party, we girls are rily rily excited… like sometimes more than the bride herself .. hahaha.. and y not. Haq banta hai yaar …. !!    as we girls gona have super fun .. and ahaan ..!! not to forget… our silent battle .. on wat to wear and whos gona look best… ! 



I chose to wear a ravishing Floral Showdown Jacket with a Sexy body hugging knee-length peach one piece dress… I have styled it with a pair of Beige colored Straps Chunky Heels. 



I prefered not to accessorize myself, as the occasion doesnt demand it. But if u still wish to go with accessories, make sure u keep it minimal. To add glam to my attire, i have applied bright red shade from Sephora. And i am all set to go for a party and make the heads turn… !!


Detailing Look 2 :  

Body Hugging knee length dress – Forever 21.

Beige colored Straps Chunky Heels – Linking Road, Bandra

Bag – Colaba , Mumbai.

Lip Shade – Sephora.



Look 3 :  Black Front Slit Maxi Dress .



I just adore this Maxi dress .. i donno why… but whenever i wear this maxi dress.. i get hell lot of compliments.. and who doesnt like to be complimented… i feel like on top of the world…. So i always prefer wearing this kind of Long Maxi dress in pre wedding functions like Mehendi or Sangeet party. I wore this maxi dress with ripped jeans which gives me a feeling of wearing Indian along with a Western touch.. But if u are looking forward to flaunt it in a sangeet event, u can glam it up with a Dhoti pants or skin-fit Chinos.  And this will give u a desi, comfortable and trendy look. 






And finally ur Mehendi.. Sangeet outfit is on fleek…  !!! 


Detailing Look 3 : 

Black Slit Maxi dress – Some Random shop in Borivali.

Ripped jeans – Pepe.

Lip Shade – Maybelline ( Pink) 



So guys, this was my detailed Shaadi-Vaadi Blog. I hope u enjoyed reading it. And i hope it was helpful to u to decide ur outfits for ur next awaited Wedding. So please do Like.. Comment and Share ur feedback about this blog . Keep loving and keep following.                  

Tada .. !!  for now and see u guys soon with a new.. fresh and super exciting Blog.. 

Till den have a Lovely time and keep Smiling..!!