My #Pataka Story


“Style – all who have it share one thing: Originality.”

-Diana Vreeland


Hey, Beautiful people! How are you all?


Fashion is something which runs in my blood at a faster pace than my pulse even. The best part about being a fashion blogger is, you are always high to experiment on yourself. The freedom and punch of experimenting outfits are just my shot of madness that gets me going all day.
Be it any outfit from Indian to western, traditional to Boho, damn anything, I just get contented.

Lately, I have been fonding for my new love just too much, Printed tees. And not to forget, that’s one of the enduring staples of any girl’s wardrobe these days.

Printed tees are a fashion statement. You also call them Graphic tees or typography tees. What makes them attractive is, the cheering slogans on it, on-flick one-liners, bang on solo words and what not. The best part is you can customize it the way you want to flaunt your style.


I chose to be the #hot-chic this season. I got this #pataka texted tee from Print Octopus, a vibrant community and a marketplace that gives a big hearty shout out to the artist that exists within all of us. They are a one-stop solution to all your unique customized merchandise that is cool and ‘oh-so-you’.

One can not only choose from the host of showcased merchandise, but Print Octopus also allows you to unleash the creative Magnus inside you. Not only you can buy from the awesome and quirky designs for yourself, but also design your own work and sell. Check out their website for detailed info.


So coming to the look, I styled this super sexy black #pataka printed tee with hot pink dhoti pants. Tee and jeans are surely the looks, but I wanted to experiment, so I chose Dhoti. I wanted to compliment my look with the #thedesiswaggirl style. So starting from the top, I have accessorized the look with a black sleek choker. I preferred to keep my hairstyle the easy flowing way. I made it a little naughty by giving it funky plates as seen in the picture.


For the accessories, I chose a pink giant ring to give it a poppy look and match up with my dhoti pants. I also wore my all-time favorite tribal spiked bangles (friends who know me, know that I am a big Boho fan, I try to add that boho tinge in my most of my outfits).  As I have chosen to go with my swag style, I preferred simple kolhapuri chappals to complete my look.

You can also go with black boots which will add up to your style.

As you can see in the pictures, I have chosen 3 different looks for myself. You can surely try any of them in your swag style. Typography tee with jeans and phulkari dupatta is also one of my favorite looks for today.


To get the details of my looks, read through the Detailing section below.



  • Pataka T-shirt – Print Octopus
  • Dhoti Pants – Bandra market, Mumbai
  • Choker – Local market, Pune.
  • Jeans – Levis
  • Chappal – Kolhapuri chappal from Balujas
  • Ring – Bandra market, Mumbai
  • Tribal Bangle – Check in my previous posts.
  • Bag – Zara.






So, friends, that’s it from my side today. I hope you liked my today’s blog.  Show me your love by showering your comments on this post. I am enjoying my share of compliments for this pataka tee from Print Octopus. If you also want to get your share of accolades, go check out their cool website and get one for you today!


Bye-bye for now, and stay tuned to this space for more blogs coming soon.


Pic Courtesy: Prasad Gokulkar.



 Loads of Love,


Vini Singh




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