Hey Guys, hi. I hope all of you are doing exceptional.  So today, I’m going to share my ‘Yoghurtperience’ (For people who don’t know what that means, it’s just a word I made up for Yoghurt Experience. *just ignore*).

Yoghurt lovers, it’s time to rejoice. I have been into Yoghurts since the day I made my taste buds fall prey for it. It’s the best way to pack goodness and health in one.

I am a vivid Yoghurt lover, as all the people who know me personally, know this very well about me. So I keep my gustation on toes when it comes to trying out Yoghurts. So last week also I got an excuse to challenge and channelize my taste buds at work.


So without Digressing much let me straight come to the point. I recently bought probiotic for myself named Epigamia-Greek Yoghurt. So to introduce what Epigamia is? Where did it come from? What’s it all about?  Let’s take a quick look into it.


Epigamia is India’s first all-natural Greek Yoghurt. It is thick and creamy in texture, low in fat and high in protein, with double the amount of protein as compared to regular flavoured yogurts or Dahi. In addition, Epigamia is 100% committed to using natural ingredients and zero preservatives. Due to its many flavors and nutritional benefits, Epigamia makes for a great snack on its own or a super versatile ingredient in a wide variety of recipes.


To my happiness, I ordered some cool, amazing flavours of Epigamia greek yoghurt. I must say, when I tasted it I was totally bowled over by its mouthwatering flavors.

So let’s talk a little more about my experience of Epigamia-Greek Yoghurt.


  • Flavor 4/5 – Epigamia has 2 ranges of flavors. First one is with the natural exotic flavours which is a big range – Natural, Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mulberry, Honey Banana, Green Apple, Vanilla    Second range lists their Snackpacks, which is a great treat to quick munchies. It covers some amazing flavors as Jalapeno Greek Yoghurt with Barley Puffs, Strawberry Greek Yoghurt with Chunky Granola, Cream & Onion Greek Yoghurt with Barley Puffs, Mango Greek Yoghurt with chunky Granola. These are few amazing quick snackies to fulfill your hunger. But amongst all of these flavors, my personal favorite is Mango. I personally am not a great Mango fan, but I could not resist myself to applaud this as it was Yummilicious.


  • Value for money 4/5 – Comparing this with the other available Yoghurt’s in stores, I feel this is at par when pricing is concerned, but scores higher in case of Nutritional content. . So I can say a total YES for good value.


  • Spelling 4/5 – Epigamia sounds little different when it comes to comparison with other brands in market. It is catchy, unique and trendy.


  • Presentation & Packaging 5/5 – Proper balance of fonts and colors used for the brand name and other details plus the Aesthetic feel of the product surely gives it a plus point to recognize. Brand name in lower case gives it more appealing and friendly feel to choose.


  • Recommendation:This definitely serves as a filler snack when you crave for it the most and the subtle taste gives it a for sure Must-Have snack in your kitty.


  • Nutritional Value 5/5 – Made form purest cow’s milk, serves as a great source for weight loss or muscle gain. 100% vegetarian makes it all milk protein with good source of calcium, low fat and low carbs, to keep you fit in your fitness journey. And not forgetting to mention, probiotics help digestion and lowers bad cholesterol.


  • Overall satisfaction 5/5 – The perfect New Year yoghurt. Basically wholesome package for varied recipes to be made with Epigamia- Greek Yoghurt snack packs making it the most ‘must-have’ in your deep freeze.



So, that’s it from my Yoghurtperience friends. I hope you liked my blog and loved reading it too. Please to comment and share your story and experience of Epigamia-Greek Yoghurt if any. The best story, I will upload on my Blog and Insta handle too.

So grab your favorite taste and make your own story.

Thanks for now and keep  loving my feeds.

Stay tuned for some more interesting posts coming soon.



With Love,


Vini Singh.



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