My Summer Look-Book!


Hey folks, hi.  How are you all doing? Last few days, I had been again busy with some cool interesting stuff that I will be rolling up for all of you soon. But for now, I have again got an interesting feed which may give justice to this hot summer.

It’s been almost a decade since the fashion blogging has been doing the rounds. But it was this last 3-4 years it has picked up a pace and now we see lot of beautiful bloggers around sharing their fashion sense in their own possible ways. A great deal of blood, sweat, efforts and everything has gone down for blogging to be a part of the fashion industry, and it is now one of the key factors in your fashion journey. Bloggers have been getting their deserved platforms across the industry and amongst the stalwarts in fashion fraternity. Many have become fashion diva’s and household names. And to reach this it takes a lot.

As summer keep rising its temperature every season, fashion statement every summer keep going higher and higher. This summer fashion season is no more different. Some old clichés are out, some new fashion is in light and some are mixed with the old charm and the new spice. I too have the same emotions this summer.  I wanted to get a look that will maintain the old charm and will glam the new spice to my look game this summer.

I have a love affair with the high street and fast fashion, and that’s never ending. It brings the best in me. And what better time is there to explore all the latest stylish launches and new happenings than this season?

So without further ado allow me to take you through my wardrobe for this summer.





LOOK 1:  

I have worn a baby pink netted quarter sleeves top. The design of the top has been made in such a way that even though it has a closed stylish neck pattern, you don’t feel suffocated and at the same time it gives you a stylish look and feel.  Summer is on its high and I had to wear white rugged shorts to make it rise even higher. These white shorts are my current hot favorite. I love them so much, that I feel to put them on with every other tee that I wish to wear this summer. And who wouldn’t like it, if they are just 100 bucks cheap. I know many of us want our closet to be filled with lots and lots of varieties and that too at cheaper rates.






I have combined my look with white sneakers which are my second hot favorite after shorts. They are so comfy that I kept them wearing at home too after the shoot.(Haha). I haven’t accessorized my look because I didn’t feel the need to do so. But if you wish to accessorize, you can choose your favorite earrings or bracelet in your hands. A classy watch will also talk about your look.


Girls usually love pink, but if you are not a pink lover, then I would suggest, a sky blue or lemon yellow top would also keep you cool and make you look hot this summer.





This look is close to my heart again because of my love for denims. In fact I love everything in this look. I have tried to play with colors and bring the best I could keeping in mind the scorching heat this summer.




I have styled printed navy blue comfy pants. I have combined it with a stylish denim sleeveless jacket which glams up my look. This is a light weight denim which looks solid but doesn’t give you the tight grip and still looks classy and trendy. Denim makes me look glam and at the same time, gives me the chic look which I want this summer to flaunt the best of me.

unnamed (3)

I have paired it up with yet another favorite in my collection, pink shoes, which I’m sure most girls are crazy about the color. Trust me, these too I have got at really cheaper rates. Many of you have asked me where I got it from. I have given the info in my detailing below after this blog.  I have accessorized this look to also give that extra tinge of fashionista in me.  I have worn a spiked tribal bangle which I have flaunted earlier too. If you’re my regular reader, you must be knowing this. It gives me the boho chic look, along with that I have also accessorized a stylish brown sling bag from Zara.




Glasses too are my hot favorite, as they add that extra charm to my whole picture and obviously to my beauty to get me that perfect 10/10 look.

You can also choose NOT to wear the glasses and can use some shades if you want more glam in your look.

unnamed (1)



I have got the denim jacket which is a little long than crop top lengths, but you can also get a denim jacket of the short crop top length, in which you can flaunt your flat belly even more sexily.






1} Baby Pink netted quarter sleeves top – Pune Local market

2} White rugged denim shorts – Pune Local market.

3} Sleeveless Denim Jacket – Levis

4} Ankle length printed navy blue comfy pants –  Bandra market, Mumbai

5} Pink shoes – Mumbai market

6} Spiked tribal bangle – Mumbai local market.

7} Brown small sling bag – Zara.

8} Boho Bagpack – Bandra Market, Mumbai.




So that’s it from my today’s summer fashion wardrobe. I hope you have enjoyed reading my feed. Please do write, comment to me and let me know if you like my blogs. Also you can suggest me some looks you want me to specially style for you, or an occasion look, that you want me to creatively style my way.


So Adios friends. See you soon with some exciting blog in stores for you.

Till then keep liking and keep loving and don’t forget to follow me on my Insta handle, vinisingh14 to get more fashion updates daily.



With Love,


Vini Singh.


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