#The Biker Girl Boss ….

Hey Folks, it’s been a while I’m trying to bring up something on my blog. These days I’m really finding it tooo difficult to manage time. It’s like all things have come to me all at once.

OK, so let me give you one by one, a glimpse of all the happenings that kept me away from writing and connecting to you all.


Firstly, the place where in was staying, my owner calls me up one day ( waise she’z a pretty good owner I have had till date ) , and tells me all of a sudden,  Hey Vini, I’m planning  to shift to India with my kids, so it’ll be great if you can find a different accommodation for yourself.  It was like pyaar se ghar se nikaalna… Hahahha… So I got in the hustle of finding a new place for myself.  Though that wasn’t a tough part, I got one real soon. The real struggle was shifting with all the things that I had. Like you know how Kuch I’m in love with my 3 cupboards closet. Hahahahhaha… Thats a little too much I know..


But finally after juggling for about 3 weeks , I was done with my shifting and setting up my home sweet home. Though its like shifting from one rental to other… I love to keep my apartment as my own House.. I decorate it like its my own beautiful nest … So now into all this… The other challenge that took the next gear was… Getting into a new job role from my previous one… Firstly the interviews… A lot of paper work .. And finally the joining… It was like.. I actually couldn’t figure out… Whether its a lucky charm that the house has brought.. Or its a mountain of struggles that I am suppose to face .. I was into a juxtaposed aura… But finally to my patience and strength .. And a support of few obvio.. I could manage all this…  So finally..after a long… I got a weekend to relax … So instead of wasting it sleeping all day .. I thot to creatise it for my blog.


Sipping over a cup of coffee, as we always do when we have to scroll our brains to get something new and inspiring for my blog, my very dear blogger friend, Rohan @quolife came up with something explicitly motivating to get our adrenaline pump in high …


One thing I started believing is… When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it….  Rohan made us roll our eyes to one of the exciting article. It was about awareness of prostate cancer research and suicide prevention. Being from a medical background, it suddenly got all my attention and i started to follow the info that was there. I know you all will think, what’s the relevance of prostate cancer, suicide with fashion blogging ???  I certainly understand this paradox. But trust me guys, this is really interesting.


There’s this Biker group from Sydney, Australia, that’s working for a fantastic cause.The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in Sydney, Australia by Mark Hawwa. It was inspired by a photo of Mad Men’s Don Draper astride a classic bike and wearing his finest suit. Mark decided a themed ride would be a great way to combat the often-negative stereotype of men on motorcycles, whilst connecting niche motorcycle communities together.



The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a celebration of the art of being dapper and classic custom motorcycles. Monocles, jaunty trimmed mustaches, silk vests, crisp shirts and tailored suits.


Riding Dapper for a Cause: Where we’ve come from and where we’re headed is there mantra. And they not only do this to fulfill their hunger, love, craze, passion and commitment towards riding, but they have also associated this with a heath cause. They raise funds to prostate cancer research and suicide prevention research through official charity partner The Movember Foundation and the support of  title sponsors Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches.(Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Pic taken from Google).


So after reading all this, one thing we all became pretty sure in our minds was, let’s do something in a small way that may not add-up big on charity level, but atleast we can in our own way dedicate a special blog to the Distinguish Bikers group in support of the social cause they are progressing towards. I, with no second thoughts accelerated myself to brainstorm my outfits and get to work on the blog.


Then what .. ??  Biker look was ‘the’ only thing that came to my think tank. So i thot to make a special blog to dedicate it to the Bikers group and their mission. Also, on the fashion front, as its Spring that’s breezing all over…. This is ‘the perfect ‘ time to get into your outfit… Put up ur shoes… Take the beasts out and conquer limitless roads…


So that was a instant yes and we started working on it.. Collecting all the stuff that’s required….


So all my girl gangs out there…. Today I’m going to showcase Biker looks and how you can style it in your own way …


The interesting part of my today’s blog is, we also have another upcoming blogger from Pune, Akshay Jain from http://www.Unboxrelations.wordpress.com .. Who helped us in getting the biker look for men…

Before i start, I would also like to mention, Spring is quite confusing yet ecstatic season. A lot of travellers are out on their beasts making some memories out there travelling and exploring.  Its a mix of season where definately we love to wear some cool stuffs and can surely flaunt it. And being in the bikers city, Pune, it would not have been justice if we dont bring the glimpse and essence of this out to you all. So, this post is specially dedicated to all the Bikers out there as well.I genuinely hope the biker in you connects to me more closely.


Today I have tried to mix and collaborate a difference in the looks apart from the traditional way biker gets dressed themselves…



Look 1 – In this I have styled a denims along with a white shirt and I tried to glaze this look with a formal sexy black slim fit blazer.  Blazer is something that will definitely add class to your look along with a little swag . I have put on big boots to give it a rough-style look .


I have got in a toned jeans to give justice to the attire. But that’s my choice. Its always advisable to wear thick layered rugged denims to keep you more safe on your long rides. I tried on faded yellow aviators from Ray Ban to glam it up .  You can also try out different styles of shades .. Depending on what suits your beauty.


In another look , I have tried a bow onto my shirt, to style up a little more and get that classy picture out of the frames.

This is something which you generally don’t get to see and I thot this can be a different style for the biker chic in you.  Helmets are not only for safety, but they also add a style quotient to you as a whole. I chose this monster look gear for my look along with my Royal En field which definitely adds more charm to the whole persona….





Look 2 : Leathers are a all time hit and its my personal fav. Leather jackets not only gives that extra oomph factor to your look, but I think they make you more confident and strong as a personality. And what best than this can suit when you want your biker look to be on flick….


So to add smartness to my look, I have kept my entire attire the same and made a few changes to  give a different look .




Firstly I changed my formal blazer to Leather jacket,Which is obviously more hotter … And more appealing.  Then as seen in the image, I tied a knot to my shirt at the bottom, to give that chic look … Kinda a stunt girl look. Trust me guys,I just loved doing this.  And thirdly I rolled up the  collar of my shirt to give it more tough appearance in front of the camera. And this completed my 2nd look. I have kept the shades same as I’m totally in love with the color and also beyond that, someone said it, its looks killer on me. So I insisted myself to keep that going. … Hahahhaha…


There are 2 ways to gear up your leather jacket. One is you can either keep the zip closed… Or you can even open the zip and flaunt it.  Have styled it in both the ways…  You can choose your way and jazz it…





Look 3 :  This is the most special look of my day and my own personal fav .. In this look, I have kept the charm of leather jacket the same and clubbed it with a black printed sleeveless top along with a plain dark blue denims. It says that denims are the all time saviours.. And I truly believe in this…. Hahaha..  I have styled it with a dark blue shades with gives the required charm and coolness to the attire. I have tried to play with my hair in this a bit. I have tied up a bun and allowed some streaks to flow it forward along the shoulders which makes me flaunt it the fun way and brings out the happier me .




I preferred not to accesorize it as I didn’t feel the need to do so. But if you want, you can add up a silver bracelet or a hamsa red string kabbalah bracelets braided string and rotating evil eye hamsa hand Jewish as shown in the picture.  You can also style it with G- Shock watches which will give you the desired rough and tough look for the biker in you.

I would also suggest to style it with a Leather hoodie jacket if you have any. Trust me guys, it will surely define your style quotient.




So, friends these are my 3 looks that I tried to make those eyes flatter upon …. I hope that you will love the essence of my today’s blog and wish to hear from all of you.


Today’s blog is going to be a bit on the extended side ….

Now moving forward, as I said, there’s something more interesting that we did today. We roped in another blogger, Akshay Jain @Unboxrelations to give his valuable inputs on the Biker theme and look for men.. Though he is a relationship blogger, he is entering into the lifestyle and fashion blog space . So he also styled it in his own way and added a spunk to his look.

He decided to flaunt a couple of looks for today. So let’s start with what he has to offer to us in the men’s category.





LOOK 1 : He has kept it the cool way with a toned blue dark wash denims and clubbed it with a long Chinese collar sleek and slim pure white cotton shirt with a black border to it. He has styled himself up with a classy beige colored Zara casual Blazer which clams up the look.  You can style the blazer in multiple ways… Either you keep the collar open and straight as you have a multi designed color which definitely goes with the look as he has done in the picture. You can keep the loops closed with buttons or you can style it open the way he has done. Both the ways adds charm to the overall look. He has also tried to play around with the looks with accessorizing a bow to the long colored shirt and check if the picture gives justice, and I think it has turned out pretty classy.






He has styled it with a pair of dark blue rugged denim sneakers. He has accessorized the look with a huge dial black classy fast track watch along with a Dior wayfarer shades and kept it simple yet stylish.

What best than a Royal Enfield will add up to the overall frame of the image. Trying to play with colors as his love for colors, he styled the look with a classy black helmet with neon stripes on it that goes completely hand in hand with the look.  Helmets are the most important when you are a biker as for the safety reason first for sure and secondly to add that style quotient to the persona.


You can also accessorize it more depending on your choice and wish. You can put up a single steel bracelet or multicolored leather bracelet band. You can also add up a band styled finger ring to accessorize further. See picture for reference.




LOOK 2 :  In this look, keeping the essence of his attire intact, he chose to play and flaunt it with Jackets to experiment his look. He flaunts a sexy Royal blue jute finish slim fit sleek blazer from Arrow. Just to add a difference in the style and play with it, he has kept the blazer loops closed with buttons on and has folded the long collar of the shirt to give a more classier 80’s look from old times. He tried a retro Biker look to daunt today’s generation typical biker look.








As seen in the picture, he choose to flaunt the yellow faded aviators to give more perfection to the look and stylize it in his own way. You can play around with accessories and shades the way you want. Decide what suits you best and flaunt it.  He has tried to progress the biker theme according to his knack for ideas.  You can try with yours.


We also decided to bring some special images together to showcase the boy and girl biker look in one frame and trust me guys, it was immense fun working on this theme and collaborating with Akshay Jain from Unboxrelations. We had a ball doing this shoot.






Special thanks to team Quolife for their amazing support all through and for such wonderful pictures.



# White Shirt – Allen Solly.

# Blazer – Zara

# Leather jacket – Forever 21

# Denims – Levis

# Black & Red Tee – Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

# Yellow Tee – UCB

# Black Boots – Dubai Mall.

# Yellow Aviators – Ray Ban

# Blue Shades – Gift.

# Red Sling bag – Linking road, Bandra, Mumbai.



# Toned Blue Dark Wash denims – Levis

# Long Chines collared white Shirt – Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

# Rugged Denim Sneakers – Bandra, Mumbai

# Long Black Multizipped jacket – Lokhandwala market, Mumbai

# Huge dial watch – Fasttrack.

# Beige Color casual Blazer – Zara

# Shades – Ray ban Wayfarer.

# Royal Blue Jute Blazer – Arrow

# Collar Bow-tie – Blacksmith.

# Suspenders – Lokhandwala market, Mumbai.

# Multi color leather Bracelet Band – Amazon.


So guys that’s it from my end for today .I know it was a really long blog, but thank you so much for your patience to read it till the end. I hope you like my today’s fun_rough & tough theme and have got some ideas too that you can use it for the stylish biker in you. Its always fun interacting with you all. Will be back soon with more interesting blog. Till then keep loving, keep liking, keep commenting and stay tuned.



Love you all.






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